I’m Changing This A Little

I have decided to do something a little different.

I have finished my M.A. program at Northern Michigan University, and I find myself in the current situations:

  • I have a lot more free time than I have had in the past two years. I am looking for summer work, but because I am living very frugally, I do not need to make very much money in order to pay my bills.
  • Many of my personal goals during this time happen to be non-job related. I want to write and read a lot and get into excellent shape.
  • These goals are going to require months of dedication—basically, I need to make sure I’m accountable and always working toward them.

For those reasons, I have decided to amend this blog a little bit, so that each week I make a post about what I have gotten done that week. It will include what I’m reading, what I’ve written, and how my physical training is going. It’s will probably be really boring to anybody reading it, but I think it will help me, and eventually, if I reach my goals, this can be a space where people can look back and see how I got there.

I have made a vow that each post will be pretty short—right now, I’m shooting for around 500 words.

This is the beginning of Week 1.


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