Week Three–Starting Over

I had some super highs and super lows this week. Among the highs were that I got to visit my brother and his girlfriend in Houghton, and because they have no TV or internet, I got a lot more done in those two days than I have gotten done all summer.

The lows were that I crashed on a lot of my goals–in fact, pretty much all of them. I am trying to be positive here and say that I learned some things. For example, I learned that having goals only works if you are really committed to the outcome, and if breaking those goals is something that hurts your life overall. (I think one of the most difficult aspects of healthy eating for me is that eating a little unhealthily every once in a while has no negative consequences; it is hard to tell when a line is crossed, and usually only evident to me long after it happens.

So this week I am trying to feel things out a little bit more. I want to listen to what my body and mind are telling me about what I really want and need. I am hoping to have more specific goals at the end of this week, but for now it is to try to spend a lot less time online–that was one of the huge successes of last week.  I have also decided that one concrete goal per week is probably beneficial for me right now.

Til next week!


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