Wow, it has been a while.

I come back to this forgotten blog after a year. I want to put some roots down, more now than perhaps ever before. I have moved back to Florida from Michigan and am teaching K-12 again, and I’ve also pursued my writing enough that I have actually published a few things. One, “Words Fail Him,” you can read in Cartridge Lit here.  It helps if you’ve played Chrono Trigger, one of my favorite SNES-era RPGs. Another piece is coming out in print later this year.

Now is a time when I’m trying to simultaneously achieve more and be realistic about expectations. It’s a time when I’m pushing myself harder and also trying to accept myself for who I am. It is a time for reconnecting with friends I made 3-7 years ago, for driving around mired in nostalgia for a time when I was newly an adult and bad at pretty much everything–yet I am also craving new experiences and fresh starts. And even though I still am wondering exactly what I want this site to be, now is a time when I want to take care of it.

So I hope this is the first of many new posts, and if I become ambitious enough, an entire site redesign.



2 responses to “Wow, it has been a while.

  1. Benjamin,

    I was just give a copy of the “Obsession” issue of f(r)iction magazine and was blown away by your piece. I didn’t expected to be gutted mid-flight between rounds of peanuts and drinks, but I think I managed some kind of composure while feeling completely exposed and understood. I’d love to discuss it further and read more of your work.

    • Awww, thanks Chad! I have just decided to go back to school for a(nother) writing degree, so I will hopefully be redesigning the site soon, but your comment made my day! It is nice to know somebody out there in the world read my piece!

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