Week Five–My Cooking Week

When I look back on this week, I think it will be the one where I learned to cook a lot of different foods. This experience was fun, I got a product out of it that I like, and I feel like it will be a useful skill throughout my life. I made TWO cakes, a stir fry, some soup with dumplings, and some chips with leftover potato skins. I also made a less successful hash with old waffle fries and eggs, and I ate a lot of fried eggs this week in general. As for my other goals…

Well, I finished the third Harry Potter book (I’m doing a reread of the series) and got about halfway through The Cuckoo’s Calling, though I could have done a lot better. I started a story that I’m very excited about, though I did not get very much work done on my thesis (my perennial shame). I think my goal for next week is to write a little bit every day, and to do it in a way that makes me happy.

I have been exercising pretty regularly thanks to discovering Spotify, which allots me with unlimited music every month. That alone has made me excited about getting outside and running a little bit from time to time. Well, that’s about it!


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